Wave Mini for Business

Create healthier and more productive indoor environments by monitoring what’s in the air in your building with the Wave Mini for Business.

The perfect addition to your Airthings for Business ecosystem

Measuring and monitoring IAQ is an essential step in preventing illness and promoting productivity and wellbeing. A healthier indoor environment can improve peoples’ cognitive skills by up to 50% and reduce sick leave by 4 days per year per person. 

The Wave Mini for Business is the perfect companion to complete your business solution. Its five sensors help cover additional or specific areas in your building, giving you full insight and control. 

The Wave Mini for Business gives visibility into airborne chemicals and odors (Total VOCs), temperature, humidity, relative light intensity and pressure. It works seamlessly alongside the Wave Plus for Business products to give you even more specific data.

Wave Mini for Business as part of your Airthings Ecosystem

The Wave Mini for Business measures four factors of indoor air quality and pushes data to the cloud via the Airthings Hub for Business. This means your real-time and historical data is held securely, whilst also being easily accessible to your authorized users.

Airthings API

Easily access device and sensor data through the REST API or subscribe with the Webhook. We never lock away data in proprietary protocols or closed systems, which allows use of sensor data in an existing BI solution or as an input to a BAS or BMS.






Wave Plus for Business

The first wirelessly connected and battery-operated IAQ monitor with radon, designed for all populated spaces. Simply wave in front of the device to receive a color-coded visual indication of the overall air quality. 

Airthings Dashboard

As an alternative to the API or Webhook, the Airthings Dashboard provides a quick and easy solution to view, compare and export data for your particular needs. Originally created for consumers, the Airthings Dashboard is effortless to navigate and includes additional features exclusive to business users.








Hub for Business

Connect up to 30 battery-operated devices through Airthings Smartlink, a long-range and low-power wireless data extraction technology. This allows devices to be distributed around a large building, meaning real-time IAQ data is available to users anytime, anywhere. 

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Healthy IAQ is linked to increased productivity, energy levels, and attendance.

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Created for everyone; building managers, employers, and business owners.

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Easily measure levels in any office, school, hotel, medical building or public space.

Additional product information for the Wave Mini for Business


Five sensors

TVOCs, Humidity, Temperature, Pressure, Relative Light Intensity.


Adaptable positioning

Comes with a table stand and also supports wall or ceiling mount.


Wireless connectivity

Airthings SmartLink with the Airthings Hub for Business.


Long battery life

3 AA batteries. 4 years using alkaline, 5 years using lithium.


Airthings Business Dashboard

View, compare, and export IAQ data.

Get your IAQ data at your fingertips

Your radon and indoor air quality (IAQ) levels are accessible through the Airthings Business Dashboard.

When it comes to IAQ, knowledge is power. You’ll know when to increase ventilation and when you need to act to reduce the risk of pollutants. The Airthings Business Dashboard allows you to quickly view, customize, and analyze the sensor data. Benefit from complete access to occupancy, IAQ trends, sharable reporting and tips to improve indoor environments, save energy, and optimize ventilation.

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