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More sensors, more insights

The most comprehensive indoor air quality monitor in the Airthings for Business solution, including PM, Noise and more. Giving you even more control over your space. Easily create healthy, productive and energy-efficient indoor environments.

Product features

Product-page-ICONS_Over air updates-

Over the cloud updates

Constant improvements and over-the-cloud upgrades delivered to device

Product-page-ICONS_battery life

Up to 4 years battery life

Adjust specific sensor sample intervals to maximize battery life or use USB-C connection



Secure and encrypted end-to-end solution

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Long range

Long range connection to the cellular-powered Hub eliminating the need for stable WiFi

Product-page-ICONS_Customizable display-

Customizable display

Choose what you show on the display



Seamlessly integrates into current Airthings for Business solution making it easy to scale up over time

Product-page-ICONS_Plug and play-

Plug and play

Simple and intuitive installation requiring no tools


Wave to check air quality

Set your own thresholds and wave for air quality information

More sensors, more insights

Create healthier, more productive indoor environments

Customizable display

A state of the art ultra-low power display to maximize battery life.

  • Specific readings: Choose which readings matter to you. Pick two real-time readings to show continuously on the display, for example constantly display the CO2 level in the room to let users take control of their air.


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