The unique mobile all-rounder for professional H14-HEPA air purification, high-performance room heating, thermal decontamination and thermal disinfestation

Mobile and multifunctional, simply ingenious – and only available from Trotec: high performance for four different applications

The conception of a basic device with variably combinable equipment variants – everything “made in Germany” – makes the TAC XT the ultimate air handler, which enables a previously unknown range of applications and thus maximum investment security. With 18 kW heating output (optionally 27 kW), multi-stage adjustable air output up to 2,500 m³ and a flexibly adjustable blow-out temperature up to 75 ° C, the TAC XT is optimally equipped for many tasks

HEPA FILTER of H14 Standard Meeting EN1822-Iso45 H & ISO19463

Allergy-friendly, quality-tested with ECARF certificate

The AirgoClean® One is ECARF certified. This seal of approval from the “European Foundation for Allergy Research” (ECARF) certifies that the AirgoClean® One air purifier can bring about an excellent improvement in indoor air quality – Trotec’s highest recommendation for allergy sufferers.

Clean air engineering “made in Germany” – 100% Trotec

The impressive clean air performance of the AirgoClean® One is achieved exclusively through established mechanical filter technology. Such mechanical filters are used in many building ventilation systems for effective air purification. That is why we rely 100% on this powerful technology for air cleaning with the AirgoClean® One. The AirgoClean® One dispenses with alternative technologies such as UV-C, ionization, ozone technology or electrostatic filtering. In indoor spaces, the HEPA-H14 achieves filtered clean air that is 99.995% free of dangerous air pollutants.

Admittedly, quite a few air purifiers also cut a good figure at first glance. But in the long term, many are in danger of literally running out of air sooner or later. Permanent operation, permanent air purification around the clock, non-stop virus filtering – that drains the material, you have to be made for it. Like the AirgoClean® One from Trotec.

With the AirgoClean® One you benefit from an equally durable and user-friendly design with effective 360° air flow and long filter service life – after all, it is a high-performance air cleaner developed and manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards from original Trotec manufacture, which is without exception efficient Houses branded components of the latest generation of technology from leading component manufacturers. Every built-in quality filter is produced, individually tested and certified in Germany. The effectiveness of the H14-HEPA filter system of this high-performance air purifier has been scientifically tested!

AirgoClean® One – when premium is your standard

The AirgoClean® One is your guarantee for the calming “coming home feeling” when entering your own four walls, the office, your office or practice. Enter. Close the door, take a deep breath, security. Air pollutants, germs or fine dust stay outside, inside nothing but clean, filtered air. Protect yourself and your surroundings with HEPA-filtered clean air, which is 99.995% free of dangerous air pollutants.

The AirgoClean® One removes 99.995% of all airborne pollutants up to a size of 0.1 micrometers from the room air:

  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Dust mites
  • House dust
  • Mould spores
  • Animal fur
  • Particulate matter
  • Pollen (pollen)
  • Animal odours

Clean air engineering “made in Germany” – 100% healthy technology, 100% Trotec

The impressive clean air performance of the AirgoClean® One is achieved exclusively through established mechanical filter technology – without generating dangerous ions, ozone or UV. This type of air filtration is the safest, healthiest and most effective technique for cleaning the air. The mechanical filters of the AirgoClean® One remove even the smallest particles from the air by securely holding them in the filter material. The effectiveness of the AirgoClean® One with its H14-HEPA filter system has been scientifically tested!

Combination pre-filterAs the first filter stage, the AirgoClean® One has a synthetic pre-filter mat, which is embedded in an F7 pre-filter (ISO ePM10 85%) as a second filter stage and effectively retains coarse and fine dust in combination with a large dust storage capacity.

Activated carbon filterAn optional activated carbon filter is available as filter level 3, which in particular effectively neutralizes tobacco odours, pet odours, kitchen odours, smoke odours as well as formaldehyde and solvent odours from the ambient air. If necessary, the activated carbon filter can be installed in the filter compartment 3 instead of the silencer.

Sound absorberA powerful silencer for efficient noise reduction of the air cleaner for pleasantly quiet operation is installed as standard in filter compartment 3. The sound absorber has been elaborately flow-optimized so that it is volume flow-neutral and creates practically no flow resistance.

H14 HEPA filter according to EN 1822The scope of delivery of the AirgoClean® One includes a HEPA filter of class H14 as a fourth filter stage. This filter from German quality production is characterised for particle sizes from 0.1-0.3 µm by a particle separation efficiency ≥99.995 with a penetration rate ≤0.005%. A class H13 HEPA filter is also available as an option.

„Touch & play“ via touch display – comfort functions in a class of their own

If you are a fan of complicated switch sequences or the adjustment of numerous controls, then the AirgoClean® One will probably disappoint you. Everyone else will be enthusiastic about the comfort features of the AirgoClean® One, because all parameters of this H14 high-performance air cleaner can be conveniently set via the touch display. And the AirgoClean® One can offer plenty of configuration options such as service information:

Air quality display (VOC and fine dust PM2.5) with automatic operation

In addition to the manual control of the air cleaning performance in 6 levels, the AirgoClean® One has a convenient automatic mode. Highly sensitive sensors determine the particle load in the room air and the concentration of volatile organic substances (VOC). The values are shown in real time on the touch display and at the same time regulate the air and filter performance of the device fully automatically in order to remove the suspended particles from the room air in the shortest possible time.

Turbo mode

The turbo mode is used in particular for accelerated ventilation of the room, where, for example, particularly quick and effective cleaning of the indoor air is required in acute situations. The air is quickly cleaned to an optimal level by the highest fan speed. This means that the air in meeting, break or lounge rooms can be cleaned to a good quality level quickly and easily. Allergy sufferers who open the window to ventilate have filtered pollen or dust from the air within minutes. In the Turbo mode of the AirgoClean® One, airborne pollutants and suspended matter are removed from the room air with the highest air purification performance through the highest ventilation level and these are cleaned to an optimal level.

Night mode with reduced fan speed and low background noise

The noise-reduced night mode enables clean, filtered room air even during sleep. The air flow is automatically adapted to the need for sleep and the air output is regulated to the lowest fan level.

Indoor climate display

Other sensors installed in the AirgoClean® One also record the current room air temperature and relative humidity and show these room climate values on the display.

Timer function with weekly planner

While classic timers are usually limited to preselecting the switch-on and switch-off times, the AirgoClean® One has a top-class operational planner. The respective switch-on and switch-off times can be determined precisely for each individual day of the week or all days together.

Intelligent filter life monitor

The condition of the filters is monitored and displayed for all three filter compartments. The condition monitoring does not simply work hypothetically, for example based on time, but records the actual filter status and provides information about a necessary filter change as required.

Air quality display with a 14-day review

This unique function shows you the air pollution level of the past 24 hours up to 2 weeks as a graph based on the data logger principle. Subdivided according to VOC and particle load as bar graphs and the total air quality as a line graph.

Tamper-proof lock screen with PIN protection

PIN protection can be used to prevent unauthorized entries on the AirgoClean® One.

Benefits for practice:

  • Powerful and quiet air purification – removes 99.995% of all airborne viruses, bacteria, fine dust particles and pollen
  • Elegant design with effective aerodynamic design – suction close to the floor, room-filling clean air flow
  • Automatic power regulation through sensor-based air quality monitoring
  • Highly efficient HEPA-H14 filter system with pre-filter and odour filter
  • Proven to reduce the aerosol concentration in the room air – scientifically tested
  • Air quality display (VOC and PM2.5) with automatic operation
  • Certified multi-stage HEPA filter system according to EN 1822
  • Highly circulating air, steplessly self-regulating EC centrifugal fan for constant circulation rates
  • Enables 6-fold air circulation rates/h in rooms up to 40 m²
  • Quiet in operation, effective in the result
  • Omnidirectional clean air distribution with 360° effective radius
  • Optional elimination of unpleasant odors
  • Tamper-evident lock screen with PIN protection
  • Practical remote control included
  • Professional quality “made in Germany” – original Trotec production


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