BZ30 CO2 Air Quality Data Logger

BZ30 CO2 Air Quality Data Logger

With the BZ30 exciting facts can be uncovered: why are the pupils of the class 5 always tired and unconcentrated? Might it be the case that in the tenement the rooms are rarely ventilated? With the BZ30 you will find it out!

For the autonomous long-term documentation of the indoor air quality.This CO₂ air quality data logger is an ideal combination measuring device for architects, experts and every air conditioning, ventilation and heating system builder.The BZ30 offers you all the functions and features of the BZ25 and also has a large data memory for 50,000 measured values ​​for long-term recording of carbon dioxide concentrations, air temperature and humidity values ​​in freely definable measuring intervals of 1 second to 12 hours. The BZ30 shows, comparable to a CO2 traffic light, how the air quality is changing.
The recorded data can be conveniently transferred to the connected PC via a fast USB connection, where it can be evaluated and logged using the analysis software included in the scope of delivery.

Thanks to the integrated Li-Ion battery, the BZ30 CO₂ data logger can also be used on a stationary table as well as mobile.

Property management companies and landlords also enable the simultaneous recording of humidity and temperature values ​​plus CO₂ concentrations, which is ideal for monitoring ventilation behavior.

Advantages for practice:


  • Exact and long-term stable NDIR measurement of carbon dioxide concentrations in room air
  • Simultaneous display of CO₂ values, room temperature, humidity, date and time
  • Minimum and maximum value function for CO₂, air temperature and humidity
  • Carbon dioxide alarm function with warning tone for freely definable limit values
  • Additional symbolic CO₂ indicator display comparable to a CO2 traffic light
  • Large backlit display with easy to read measured value display
  • Autonomous long-term logging of carbon dioxide concentration, room temperature and humidity
  • Memory for 50,000 measured values
  • Freely definable storage interval from 1 second to 12 hours
  • USB interface for measurement data transfer
  • For table installation and mobile use
  • PC analysis software


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