BQ30 Particle Counter

BQ30 Particle Measuring Device

Air quality monitor for controlling particulate matter and CO₂ pollution

The discussion about the particulate pollution of the air and its health effects is nowadays indispensable. But what makes particulate matter so dangerous? Basically, a distinction is made in the measurement between the two particle fractions PM10 and PM2.5.

Under PM10 all particles fall with a maximum diameter of 10 μm, and with PM2.5 it is all particles, which diameter is smaller than 2.5 μm. With the naked eye, these particles are not visible. They are so small that PM2.5 particles in particular can penetrate into the alveoli. Even smaller particles of less than 1 μm in size are even able to penetrate into blood vessels.

In everyday life, we are surrounded by innumerable potential fine dust sources. Whether you live or work on a busy road or near an industrial area, it is likely that the amount of particulate matter in the air you breathe is increased. In rooms and buildings where there are many people, the CO₂ content often rises above average.

But also familiar things, such as cooking, vacuuming, tobacco and candle smoke or the emissions of heat sources, such as stoves or fireplaces, can directly negatively affect the living environment and thus the well-being. Because an increased concentration of fine dust and the CO2 content in the air can not only affect the general well-being, but also be responsible for concentration and sleep disorders but also a variety of allergic reactions. In the long term, particulate matter increases the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and even lung cancer.

With the practical particle meter BQ30 you keep the values ​​for fine dust, CO₂, air temperature and humidity always in view. If necessary, you can improve the room climate by adding fresh air or by using air purifiers, humidifiers or dehumidifiers effectively.

Keeping an eye on the concentration of house and fine dust, soot and pollen

The user-friendly mobile air quality monitor detects and quantifies the mass concentrations of particulate matter of all kinds. For this purpose, the measuring device uses laser technology to easily record the smallest air pollutants of the sizes PM2.5 and PM10 in micrograms per cubic meter.

The BQ30 also provides effective, long-term control of particulate loading through adjustable, regular time intervals. Up to 5,000 data records can be stored, in which both the PM concentrations and the data entry date are registered. This variety of data is displayed in graphical curves on a large 3-inch color display.

With regard to the mass concentrations of the particle size PM2.5, predefined limit values can be defined in the BQ30, the exceeding of which is signaled by an acoustic alarm. In addition, six-level color indicator representations with respective alarm levels help in rapid assessment of whether particle concentrations are good to very critical.

All-round measuring device for living climate monitoring

The handy all-round measuring device also detects other health-related room climate parameters with its probes: such as the CO₂ load in ppm, the air temperature of -20 to 70 ° C and the humidity of 0 to 100% r. H. The measured values for PM10 and CO₂ are shown on the display in an automatically changing display. Another three-level colour indicator completes the user-friendly illustration of these two parameters for good to bad air quality.

Due to its precise measurement results, its wireless, enduring battery operation, its low weight and its compact dimensions, the BQ30 Air Quality Monitor is the perfect companion wherever evidence of possible health hazards due to particulate matter and CO₂ pollution is to be provided.

Benefits in practice:


  • Long-term air quality monitor for simultaneous detection of particulate mass concentration in the air
  • Fine dust measurement with max. Diameter of PM2.5 and PM10
  • Display of CO2 load, current room temperature and room humidity
  • Memory space for up to 5,000 records
  • Bar graph indicator display
  • Additional color indicator display with automatic acoustic alarm for rapid detection of critical particle concentrations
  • Automatic shutdown
  • 3-inch color display for simultaneous display of all measured parameters
  • Battery and mains operation possible
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Automatically changing display of all measured climate parameters
  • Date and time display
  • Language selection
  • Battery status indicator

Technical details:


  • Detectable particle sizes: 2.5, 10 μm
  • Mass concentration range (PM 2.5): 0 ~ 2000 μg / m³
  • Mass concentration range (PM 10): 0 ~ 2000 μg / m³
  • Temperature range: -20 – 70 ° C / -4 – 158 ° F
  • Measuring range rel. Humidity: 0 – 100% r.H.
  • Battery type: 7.2V Li-ion
  • Dimensions: 211 x 141 x 86 mm
  • Weight: 233 g




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