aair Medical Pro

Removes formaldehyde, smoke, and odors

Filtered using activated charcoal, alumina, & zeolite

Fine dust filter F9 class

For rooms 540 ft² (recommended) to 1080 ft² (standard).

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

A Swiss-engineered speciality air purifier for homes and businesses

For households & environments where micropollutants are a higher concern.

For lobbies, conference rooms & high-traffic areas with strict air quality needs.

HEPA upgraded for the tiniest pollutants

No Ozone released


By utilizing only mechanical filtration, the aair Medical Pro ensures that absolutely no dangerous airborne byproducts like ozone are released.
HEPA 14 filter


The HEPA H14 filter focuses specifically on the smallest microparticles, cleaning the air to 99.995% at 0.1 microns and above.1
High-powered fan


The powerful fan moves a huge amount of air in a small amount of time, despite the dense filter. A 540 ft2 room will have all of its air purified in 15 minutes.
Airtight Design


Our completely sealed-system casing keeps dirty air from escaping through cracks in the design. The result: clean air with even better effectiveness.
Prefilter protection

The Medical Pro prefilter removes larger airborne pollutants, allowing the main filter a longer life between refills.

Ease-of-use that actually simplifies your life

Automatically adjusts fan speed to react to the pollution in your space

Set the purifier up in minutes, then let it do its job to perfection without thinking twice

Intuitive touch screen provides device-setting changes and air quality at a glance

The mechanics of ease

Move your purifier around easily with built-in wheels

The all-in-one filter design saves costs & time with a single refill

Filter changes only take one minute

Stunning beauty

and chill vibes

Even with all this power, the aair Medical Pro redefines quiet
At 35 dBs, the Medical Pro can lull you to sleep. Combined with its dimmed lights during night mode, your purifier will adapt to make your life chiller and easier.
Exquisitely sleek
design beautifies any
home decor
Every single one of aeris’ 3 appealing colors are made not just to fit into your space: they are works of art. And we have the design awards to prove it.


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