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Air Cleaning for Hospitality

For Hotels, Bars and Restaurants

The improvement of air quality in Hotels, pubs and restaurants is essential for the economy and social aspects of our lives. The pandemic has made many of us aware that the greatest risk of infection comes from indoor air. 95 % of airborne infections and allergic reactions have always occurred indoors, it has j ust never been noticed to the extent that everyone has now become aware
of since the pandemic.

The control of airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungal spores, is of major importance in social settings due to the fact that a number of diseases and infections can be transmitted by airborne pathogens especially in the case of the corona virus. Air quality monitoring and air cleaning provides a virus free environment for staff and customers.

In addition, customers need to be able to trust that pubs, hotels and restaurants are taking sufficient action to protect their health.

ViriiQuip offers a comprehensive indoor air quality solution for the hospitality sector. Thanks to the certified H14 HEPA filter technology, in the TAC V+ unit, the risk of transmission of airborne infections can be reduced to practically zero indoors – the effectiveness of Trotec’s high-performance air purifiers has been confirmed by leading scientists.

Give your customers and staff confidence in the quality of the air in your facility through our CleanAirZones by ViriiQuip® certification

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