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The pandemic has made many of us aware that the greatest risk of infection comes from indoor air.

In addition, harmful and irritating chemicals such as acetone, toluene, ammonia, and methyl methacrylate are commonly found in salon air.

Levels are particularly high in salons with little or no ventilation.

These products can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and dermatitis with scientific studies showing decreased lung function in both hairdressers and nail salon workers. Both groups also have higher risks of developing asthma and more serious health conditions such as an increased risk in several
types of cancer.

 Your staff and customers deserve a reassurance that the air in your salon is of the best possible quality, free from viruses and chemical pollutants ViriiQuip offers a comprehensive indoor air quality solution for salons.

Thanks to the certified H14 HEPA filter technology, in the TAC V+ unit, the risk of transmission of airborne infections can be reduced to practically zero indoors. In addition the TAC V+ and can remove aerosols and chemical pollutants above 0.10 of a micron from the air with 99.995% efficiency – the effectiveness of Trotec’s high-performance air purifiers has been confirmed by leading scientists.

Give your customers confidence in the quality of the air in your facility through our CleanAirZones by ViriiQuip® certification

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