Face Shields

A face shield aims to protect the wearer’s entire face (or part of it) from hazards such as flying objects and road debris, chemical splashes or potentially infectious materials.

The anti-fog protective isolation face shields are widely used in hospitals, banks, restaurants, by transportation personnel and in general public places.

A Face Shield protective mask can effectively prevent the splash of pollutants on the face of users in daily life and whilst at work.

This product offers an alternative to wearing protective glasses which can cause irritation to eyes and skin after prolonged use.

These face Shields offer high transparent environmental protection with double-sided anti-fog high-transmitting PET film. They are scratch resistant as well as resistant to strong acid and alkali.

They are of a light weight, ergonomic design with built-in soft cushions to reduce the pressure on the forehead.

  • Splash proof
  • APET material
  • Custom thickness
  • High light transmission
  • Used primarily for blocking the splash of toxic liquid from droplet dust
  • Clear Screen
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  • E.g 5000 units of KN95 Respirator Mask or 20000 units of 3 Ply Surgical Disposable Type IIR


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